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    Nano Plants Nutrients

    Our company offers various types of organically produced Nano Plants Nutrients that help to improve plant and crop growth. These organic substances are added with various essential nutrients and minerals. They are free from various harsh substances and toxic elements that make them suitable for many different types of plants and vegetation. These plant growth promoters are available in various physical forms such as granular and powdered. Nano Plants Nutrients offered by us are available in non-toxic sealed plastic bottles in various sizes as per their volumetric capacities. Buy from us these growth promoters at a reasonable price range. 

    Nano Plants Nutrients

    Introduction :

    Every living being require nutrients for survival plants also require essential nutrients to complete the life cycle, there are more than 17 nutrients essential for plant growth, the micro nutrients play an active role in plant health and fruits germination. Micronutrients are Zinc [Zn], Boron [Bo], Iron[Fe], Manganese [Mn], Copper [Cu], Molybdenum [Mo], Silicon [Si], Nickel [Ni],Cobalt [Co],  Silver [Ag] and Sodium[Na], due to its Nano size essential nutrients are easily absorbent by the plants, and lower concentration provide better results.

    Advantages of Usages :

    • It helps to increase the number of flower in plant which results to increase the final product of crop.
    • It helps to maintain hormones in plant to give assurance of fruit fullness.
    • It helps to fruit bud differentiation in dormant state of plant.
    • It helps to reduce the flower and fruit dropping in plant, in vegetable crop, it will help to increase .
    • The number of female flower in plant helps to germinate the healthy and strong bud after pruning.








    Quantity Per Pack



    Off White

    Packaging Size

    250 ml

    Country of Origin

    Made in India


    Nano Apple Tr Nutrients

    We have brought the nano apple Tr nutrients container for the customers. As the name suggests, it is used for the growth of the apple fruit. It is a plants growth promoter used for growing the apple trees. This works as an efficient fertilizer and fulfills the nutrients to the soils which have become deficient in the soil. The nano apple Tr nutrients should be added to the tree in moderate amount for getting the best output and fruit germination results.